Thursday, June 28, 2007

Settling in

Thank you to everyone for all your congratulatory messages! Suzan and I feel so loved and supported we can't help but be a stellar service dog team!

Monday was our first talk and demo at the kid's summer camp. I think Suzan did great even though she doesn't remember too much. I did pretty good myself except when Suzan let me off leash to "find the phone". She didn't think about all the service dogs in training around the room and I have to admit that I got a bit (OK a lot) distracted. But hey, I hadn't seen them for a while and we were trying to catch up. The kids really liked it when I opened the door, remember when I was having trouble with that one?

On Tuesday we went to a doctor's appt. and shopping at Target. I did great at both places! It was funny though because one of the Target employees kept futzing around in the aisle we were in and we were there a long time. Dad says it's not paranoia if they really are watching you!

We also went to a vet appt. for one of my feline siblings, Nile. I don't think he was too happy to have me along. Boy can he growl and hiss, what a Mr. Grumpypants! At home he is a really nice guy as far as cats go but get him to the doctor and he's like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Dad met us there and stayed in the exam room with Nile while Suzan and I waited in the lobby.

It's been so hot here that we've stayed inside more than usual. Suzan taught me to pick up my food dish after I'm done eating and give it to her. I get a breath freshener biscuit that's waiting for me on the counter, I think it's a good deal!


Unle Bob & Auntie Sheila said...

Your blog is one of the high points of our day. It is not only interesting but fun to hear in your words about how you help and you other buddies at home.
We can't wait to see you a Goldstock, you are one really cool service dog.

OlRedHair said...


You are doing so great! It's OK to get a little distracted when you see old friends. Especially on your first day. My mom asks when are you going to learn how to put your food dish into the dish washer?

I would sure like a breath freshener biscuit for dessert too. Maybe Suzan will let mom know what kind she gets for you.


Logan said...

We can't wait to see you at Goldstock too Uncle Bob & Auntie Sheila!

Molly, when I hand Suzan my food dish she washes it and puts it in the sink so we don't need the dishwasher! Suzan gets me these new biscuits called "Biscuits with Benefits" with no wheat, corn or byproducts from Dogswell. Chicken is the #1 ingredient! This one is their Breathies version, they're yummy!

OlRedHair said...


My mom says thank you. She will google Dogswell for the Breathies. Now, is she trying to tell me something?