Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Day 9 - Field Trip!

The Making of a Service Dog Team - Suzan & Logan's two week team training

Today we did MORE retrieves! Good thing I'm a retriever! Worked on that darn door some more. I'm getting it open eventually but it's taking quite a few tries. Needs more work, wish me luck.

We took a field trip to a place with handicapped door buttons and elevators. I did great with the buttons and actually I did great with the elevator too, it's Suzan that's having some problems with this one! Trying to maneuver the scooter and me into the elevator takes some getting use to. Suzan has to approach the door and tell me to "wait" while she blocks the door with her scooter so I'm not in any danger. Then I "go through" and she follows and we have to figure out the best place to be in the elevator so we can get back out easily. I think we're going back to that place tomorrow for more practice and I heard that they also have a glass elevator!

We went to lunch afterwards and I was so tired that I didn't even notice when Suzan dropped crumbs on my head as I was lying there! Early to bed for both of us tonight. G'night!


service dog lady said...

Hi Logan,
The elevator took practice for Mary and I also. They weren't built with scooters and dogs in mind now were they? It is good that Suzan blocks the door for you and gets herself in. We heard one horror story of a service dog who followed people into an elevator and the person holding his leash did not get in. Fortunately someone in the elevator realized what was happening and quick cut the leash so the dog was not harmed. How scary. That makes us very cautious around elevators. If they are too crowded we always wait so its easier to get in safely. Hope tomorrow goes well for you also.


Uncle Bob & Auntie Sheila said...

Hi Logan; boy there are so many things that you need to learn, I am sure it is a tough job but the more times you do things the more you become an old pro at it.
Got a good laugh of crumbs on your head, hope you got a good nights rest.

JenS said...

You guys are almost there! Keep up the great work! I'm proud of both of you!!!