Thursday, June 14, 2007

Day 4 - I Did It!

You will all be happy to know that I retrieved Suzan's cane last night after we blogged!!! Yay!!! Then we read my friend's Emma comment about using a strap and tried that this morning. We like that even better, thanks Emma and Mary! It prevents Suzan's cane handle from being slimy, is easier for me and since Suzan has a whole wardrobe of canes it makes them consistent for me to work with.

At team training today we did more retrieves! When all of the following things were placed on the floor for me to pick up guess which one I chose first? Metal dumbbell, wooden dumbbell, plastic dumbbell, purse, dollar bill, paper plate, water bottle, mitten, plastic bags, metal spoon, and screwdriver. I ended up picking all of them up but I chose the dollar bill first! Suzan was very proud of me! :)

We also practiced "under" for getting under tables and such. Very useful at restaurants. And then we did "up" with my front paws on a bench, table, wall, and then an open door. I did great but I didn't like the door so much, it's kinda weird when it moves but I guess that's the point. I'm supposed to shut it.

Our last thing we were working on was tugging a lever door open. We got through the "take it" and "hold" of a tug strap and we're working on "back". We'll continue with that one tomorrow.

We breezed through our homework tonight! Cane - no problem! Cans - no problem!
Look what was waiting for us at home!!!! Tied to our newspaper box was a beautiful doggie balloon and other balloons that said "it's a girl"! And an adoption/welcome home card for ME!!!! Suzan's very thoughtful friend Caren really surprised us! Thank you Auntie Caren!!!!


Bob said...

Logan; You are doing great, remember hearing about "Jake" the diamond dog who at baseball games is the bat boy? Well he gets the bats after the hitter drops it and sometimes even he makes mistakes. Sometimes he will pick up or ball and some times he picked up the catchers mask LOL.
We know you will master everything and you sure have shown how smart you are by grabbing that dollar bill first.

Bob said...

What a wonderful thing for your friend to do with the balloons and welcome home card.
I'll bet that made Mom & Dad very happy.

Logan said...

Thanks Uncle Bob and Aunt Sheila!It must be hard for Jake not to pick up the ball all the time! And yes, Mom & Dad were very happy about my welcome home balloons and cards, Auntie Caren is very special!