Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Day 3 - Retrieves for the Retriever!

The third day of team training and we have homework! More "heel" (left) and "place" (right) practice, place is hit or miss. We need to practice tonight. Suzan wonders if the scooter is throwing me off?

We also did a lot of retrieves today (remember the "take it", "bring it here", "hold" and "give" sequence?) Plastic dumbbell, wooden dumbbell, plastic bags, paper plate, metal spoon, screwdriver and a bottle of water. Oh and that darn cane! I was bestest with the paper plate, the bottle of water and the cane were the most challenging. I need to learn to pick up the bottle by the side and not the top unless Suzan doesn't mind dog drool on the cover! I still didn't get the cane yet. I'm putting my mouth on it but not picking it up. More homework!

We also worked on "leave it" with squeaky toys and balls flying by me. I was having trouble with it when I was just standing there or walking by them. But when I was in a "sit stay" I was a champ! The ball even hit me and I still paid attention to Suzan. So Suzan has to remember if I'm distracted by a squirrel or a bird to have me sit or down.

We did our homework and it was interesting. Even on a full stomach (Suzan meant to practice before dinner so I would be more food motivated but she forgot!) I did very good heels and places when Suzan was standing. When she sat on a chair they weren't quite as good but better than with the scooter. (The scooter is at the training center so we couldn't practice with it.) And I actually lifted the cane off the floor! I didn't really move it but we got further than earlier today! Suzan says it's a good thing she is patient!


service dog lady said...

Hi Logan,
To help me pick up a cane, my partner Mary got a strap with a loop on it. It is placed midway on the cane. It is easier for me to grab and bring to her though I do use the handle sometimes. My trouble with the handle is I would grab that and then go to bring it and the cane due to gravity would go down. Sometimes I would jab it into my mouth. That was not pleasant. Just an idea for you. Sounds like you are doing great. Keep up the good work. Mary and I still practice things we don't do often.

OlRedHair said...

Way to go Logan. You will master the cane yet!