Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Earth Day Celebration at element Lexington

Just before Earth Day we stayed at the element Lexington, a cool eco friendly hotel in Lexington, Massachusetts. We loved the contemporary yet serene atmosphere. They even have special parking spaces for hybrid cars!

Here I am getting our room key from Kelly. Our room was amazing with a contemporary kitchen area and sectional at the end of the bed. Suzan said she would like to live there!

The outdoor public gathering space is very inviting and there's a grill in the corner that you can use. Got steak anyone? In the right back corner is the beautiful indoor pool.

Check out the dog friendly amenities! I got to use an element dog bed and dog bowls and my very own doggie bag with treats. (I told them all about our friends at Bite O' Blue who craft eco friendly blueberry dog treats baked with wind power! Maybe next time we stay there, I'll find some in my doggie bag!) And you don't have to be a service dog to stay here. They welcome pet dogs under 40 pounds.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

How Service Dogs Party

Birthdays are good except when your people make you wear funny hats.

Today we had a doggie birthday party. It was worth wearing the funny hats. We ate ice cream, chased balls and jumped in the pond and the river. Not with the funny hats on though.

My birthday was last Friday. I turned four. Or twenty eight in dog years, a good age.

In the first photo you can see all different colors and types of retrievers. Hailey and Shiva are labrador retrievers. They are service dogs too. Their birthdays are next month. Then that's me, Logan in the middle. I'm a golden retriever. My new friend Deka is a curly coated retriever. Nice 'do! And Bailey is a yellow labrador retriever service dog. We are almost the same color. Her birthday is next month too.

Happy Birthday girls!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"I ain't afraid of no pigs!"

OK, even as a dog I know that isn't proper English but it's a play on the Ghostbuster's phrase. Of course Ghostbusters was way before my time but Suzan told me all about it.

As as service dog you never know what you'll encounter out in public. We recently went to check out a newly opened Famous Dave's BBQ restaurant. We pull into the parking lot and I see this strange, huge pink THING walking around. "Danger, danger" I try to tell Suzan but she's shocked that I'm vocalizing. I NEVER do that in public. But how many times do you see huge pink creatures walking around?

The next thing I know she's walking over to the pink thing, can you believe it? She's CRAZY! I'm not too sure about this but she keeps giving me treats so I'm starting to think this pink thing isn't so bad. See pink thing, get treats. Closer to pink thing, more treats. Pink thing touches me, tons of treats. Suzan says this is called counter conditioning in the dog training world. Hmmm. I'm starting to like this pink thing. Find out his name is Wilbur. Wilbur is now my friend.

Good thing, because the next time we see Wilbur he is walking around inside the restaurant. I am in a down stay under the table like a good service dog. I see Wilbur, I look at Suzan for a treat. She smiles.
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