Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Day 2 - Go Throughs and that Darn Cane!

Our second day of team training! Today we practiced another way to go through a doorway. Suzan stopped her scooter before the doorway or narrow pathway and told me to "go through". I then go through and turn around and face her and back up as she moves forward with the scooter. We worked that one out and went in and out of so many doorways today, practicing them both ways. The "go through" way and the "wait" way like yesterday. We're not sure which one we like best but it's nice to have both options available depending on the doorway.

Oh I forgot to tell you that we worked on me picking up my leash and giving it to Suzan yesterday. I'm really good at that! We also worked on a retrieve using the leash. You wouldn't think it's as complicated as it is but there are four parts to it! "Take it", "hold", "bring it here" and then "give"! And Suzan couldn't reach out, I had to "give" it where her hand was.

Today's training wasn't quite as smooth as yesterday but we still did OK. We still have to work on "heel" which is me being in position on the left. (without my butt swung out!) We also did "place" today which is just like "heel" but on the right side.

Our biggest challenge was trying to pick up Suzan's cane. We had to up my treats to cheese for that one! Remember I told you how complicated a retrieve is!? Well we only got up to "take it" and used what is called shaping. I got clicked for moving towards the cane and then clicked for touching my nose to the cane and then clicked for putting my mouth on the cane. That's as far as we got. I was distracted and it looked like I was getting a little stressed (panting) so we stopped while we were ahead. Suzan said it's OK. We're both going to have our good days and bad days and I'm not a robot after all! If I was I guess I'd be that Japanese robot dog, the Aibo! But they're not cute and fluffy and sweet like I am. We'll try again tomorrow!


OlRedHair said...
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OlRedHair said...

Way to go Logan and Suzan! You guys are doing great. I'm so enjoying hearing about all the new things you both are learning together each day.

Robert said...

Keep up the good work, we are sure this will all be as easy as can be after you practice.
We know how tough it must be to try and keep straight all the different things you need to do, but we are sure you and your Mom will do just great.
Hamish & Sophie send their love, they are very proud of the work you are doing (don't tell Hamish but I think he has a little crush on you)

Logan said...

Thank you Auntie Nora, Uncle Bob & Auntie Sheila! Tell Hamish that I think he is very handsome!