Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Sensitive G irl

Sorry for the delay in posting, Suzan and I have been keeping very busy!

Before I forget, Suzan wanted me to mention how after three days of her asking me to pick up my bowl after I'm done eating I started doing it automatically when I'm finished! That biscuit waiting up on the counter is a very good motivator!

We went to an MS support group meeting yesterday and everyone was very impressed with me. I showed them how I could pick up Suzan's cane if she dropped it. I was hoping to see Wiley, who graduated in My Wonderful Dog's class just prior to mine, but she wasn't there. I hope her partner Micah is doing OK.

Suzan said that I did something very special. One of the men at the meeting was sharing that he was sad because his friend with MS died. We were sitting right next to him and I went up to him and tried to make him feel better. Suzan let me. This is against my training and he did nothing to get my attention but I could tell that he was sad. I think it helped him to pet me. People said that I was a very special and sensitive dog to do this.

(I didn't solicit attention from anyone else there and there was even someone who kept trying to get my attention and I ignored him.)


OlRedHair said...

So good to hear from you, Logan. You are indeed a sensitive girl. I think it was OK for you to go comfort that hurting man. This was a special situation, and I think the rules are for usual situations. A smart intuitive Service Dog like yourself will be able to discern when intelligent bending of the rules is called for. Maybe kind of like when a Seeing Eye Dog ignores the command to go when a car is coming.

You are such a beautiful girl on both the outside and inside. You and Suzan are becoming a really solid team.

Uncle Bob & Aunt Sheila said...

Hi Logan;
We tried to post but for some reason it didn't work, but we are sure you know how computers can nit pik sometime.
We are so glad to hear from you again and the compassion you showed that man who needed it so bad is just wonderful.
I'm sure Mom understand that some situations come up that are extra ordinary and what you did was extra ordinary in a unique situation.
We are so looking forward to meeting you and your Mom, you are just getting so smart, you are amazing and we love you.