Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Day 10 - Surprises

The Making of a Service Dog Team - Suzan & Logan's two week team training

I had some wonderful surprises today. Lauren, my puppy raiser came and helped out at our team training. She's a great trainer and had brought me to ClickerExpo last year. I have to admit I was pretty excited at first but then I settled down and focused on what Suzan and I had to do. I did better at opening/closing doors and closing the cupboards!

We went on another field trip to the same place and practiced elevators. Suzan did better today too! We even went in a glass elevator, that was really weird. At first I wasn't sure what was going on but I got to eat peanut butter from a tube and all was well. (Can you tell that I really like peanut butter?!) Someone asked us if it was special doggie peanut butter! It isn't, but maybe the peanut butter folks should market it as that.

We walked around outside at the farmer's market, Suzan said I did great! Even with all the people and trucks going by and a band playing. We've had a request to post a photo of Suzan and I together so Lauren took one today. Here it is...

The other big surprise came in the mail addressed to me and Suzan from my Auntie Rochelle. She runs a great website called The Land of Pure Gold which is "the largest Golden playground in cyberspace"! It's a nonprofit that celebrates the canine-human bond and raises funds for canine cancer research. It has tons of great information and is very well done, you should check it out! We belong to a forum there that has some of the nicest people, including my Auntie Nora and Uncle Bob and Auntie Sheila who have posted here on my blog.

Auntie Rochelle sent us a package to "celebrate your new working partnership". There was an organic bunny "for all my hard work" and some wonderful cards with a "Queen" Golden on them for Suzan to "remind her who is important". He he he. Thank you Auntie Rochelle!


puregold said...

Oh my, I forgot all about mailing off that celebration goodie bag. I am so glad it got to Maine okay. The postman must have thought I was nuts when he saw all those stamps on the package. I don't get out much and they were the only stamps I had on hand lol.

Let me know how you like your new toy. It is the safest thing going given all the cancers Goldens develop.

Ask your mom if she liked her cards and the packaging of them.

puregold said...

Well, Logan, the photos sure show you getting allot of practice with both "take" and "hold" commands.

Your mom is so silly to take all those photos, but that one of the rabbit really looks GReat!

OlRedHair said...

Auntie Nora loved your Wednesday blog entry and all the nice comments, especially where you mentioned her by name. LOL

Auntie Rochelle sure sent you really nice stuff. Those are some great pictures of your showing your goodie bag off.

Just a few more days now. Keep up the good work!


Uncle Bob &, Auntie Sheila said...

Hey Logan;

You and your Mom are on the home stretch, graduation day is right around the corner.
You are such a smart Golden having this Blog and it has been so much fun reading all your learning adventures.
Tell your Mom to take pictures when you graduate.
Keep that nose to the peanut butter

Logan said...

Auntie Rochelle, the butterfly stamps were great! Mom commented on how they looked like a group of butterflies flying off the envelope.

We will post more about snuggle bunny and the cards on the forum.

Thanks Molly, Auntie Nora, Uncle Bob, Auntie Sheila, Hamish and Sophie!