Saturday, June 16, 2007

Day 6 - Rinse and Repeat

The Making of a Service Dog Team - Suzan & Logan's two week team training

OK, no rinsing but there was a lot of repeating today! More "retrieves" but today I went after the metal things first. Most dogs don't like metal so Suzan thought that was strange. I have to keep her on her toes! More "backs", more "ups", more "unders" and more "push"es. I was having trouble with the "ups" on the door again so they started putting peanut butter on the door. That worked! If you're ever at My Wonderful Dog and you think the door smells like peanut butter, now you'll know why! I think I did a pretty good job of cleaning it all up though.

We went out to lunch and then to Sam's Club after training. Suzan said I was perfect! Here I am at Sam's Club...

We met a woman whose daughters will be going to the My Wonderful Dog teen camp and we gave them my business card. I worked at the teen camps for two seasons, it's a great thing. The kids come for a week and learn about service dogs, disabilities and community service. They learn how to train us using positive reinforcement/clicker training and they take us to the mall and to the movies at the end of the week. I saw a lot of movies!

We also got ice cream on the way home!!!! Kimball Farm opened today and they have great ice cream and free doggie ice cream!

Suzan and I are doing so well, we have the day off tomorrow!!! I'm really glad, we need it! We still have homework though. Suzan says we have to come back and blog because she wants me to tell you what I did today that was unbelievable. Stay tuned!


OlRedHair said...

Boy Logan, you had a long week! Only one day off. You definitely deserve a rest. I love your pictures. That's neat about the ice cream place. Now Molly wants to go out for ice cream too! Enjoy your Sunday.

Logan said...

Did Molly get her ice cream?

OlRedHair said...

Not yet. But she did get a Bow Wow Power Bar. :)

Uncle Bob & Auntie Sheila said...


Your Blog is so interesting, we love reading it and seeing the pictures, we can't wait to meet you at Goldstock