Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sign of the Times

I know I said I'd tell you about the where we went last Sunday and it's almost Sunday again! OK so here goes...

For those of you don't know it, Suzan is a Golden Retriever nut/fanatic! Which is a good thing since I'm one! She's always looking on eBay for unique Golden stuff and found these beautiful hand crafted metal hooks. Ironically they were made in Maine which is where we live! Suzan won them and was so impressed she emailed Nate, the guy who made them and had a custom sign made for Loganland. Suzan said it was easy to do and Nate is great. Suzan told Nate she wanted something evocative of the Disneyland sign, Nate emailed a concept drawing, Suzan made a few minor tweaks and voila - we have a beautiful, custom made, 14.5"x20.5" piece of art for under $40! I'm sure one lucky dog to have my own sign!
Since Nate lives near where the film festival we went to is, we stopped there on Sunday to pick up the sign! Oh and Nate has four Golden Retrievers - Kenai, Katalla, Yukon and Tess. I think Yukon has a crush on me. (doggie grin)
We saw some of Nate's other pieces and they are gorgeous. He makes plant hangers, signs, candle holders and even coffee tables! We love the Golden and dog themed ones of course but he also has great loon, dragonfly, moose, bears, horses and birds! So if you're looking for a unique, hand crafted item for yourself or for a special gift, visit Nate's web site or eBay store and tell him that Logan sent you!
Thanks Nate! I love my sign!


OlRedHair said...

Wow, Nate's stuff is beautiful! We're going to have to check out his site and store. How do the hooks attach? How are you going to display the Loganland sign? It is just perfect. I'm so glad you found Nate! And his 4 Goldens. :)

Logan said...

We're not sure where we're going to put the Loganland sign yet Auntie Nora. Suzan is still working on the backyard (oops, I mean Loganland) but I'm sure we'll find a good spot. Nate also makes these great sign holders that you can stick in the ground if we can't find just the right spot off the of the deck or house.

You use a screw for the hooks and the holes are nicely countersunk so that everything will be flush. We will be selling the hooks at the LOPG booth at Goldstock! Nate was nice enough to give us a good deal so we can raise money for canine cancer awareness.

Auntie Sheila and Uncle Bob said...

Boy Logan, the stuff Nate makes is really cool, thanks for sharing the information.
Tell Mom in your spare time you can become a home shopper.

OlRedHair said...

Wow, Service Dog, Overseer of Loganland, Model, Home there anything Logan can't do?