Monday, July 23, 2007

A Weekend Away

We just got back from a weekend away at the Maine International Film Festival where I saw old friends, made new ones and impressed people with my good behavior and skills! I first went there two years ago when Suzan and Jon puppy sat me for a week. I was only 15 weeks old at the time, just a young pup but it started my love of movies. I have to say that Air Bud movies are my favorite but they didn't show any at this film festival. I did however, nap through a 3 hour Bollywood film!

Suzan thought it would be fun to try and recreate some photos from two years ago. Here I am in front of the festival movie posters at the Railroad Square Cinema, then and now...

In front of the Waterville Opera House...

In one of the theaters...

I saw my old friends Ken and John of Railroad Square Cinema who run the film festival, Justine at the Waterville Hampton Inn and made a new friend Sue at Buen Apetito.

Tomorrow I will tell you about the place we went to on our way home Sunday and the wonderful doggie products we got there!


Speak(er) said...

Logan - I didn't think anything could be better looking than your puppy self, but boy, you sure have grown into a handsome dog! I love your then and now shots. Before you know it, they'll be treating you like a regular.

OlRedHair said...


It sounds as though you all had a wonderful weekend. What a great idea your mom had to show those "then and now" pictures. You have definitely grown into a beauty. And also a blond with brains!!!

Auntie Sheila and Uncle Bob said...

Hi Logan; If you get a bunch of messages that are the same from us, I think our computer sneezed.
We have been lax in writing the past few days but have been checking your blog and we enjoy it so very much.
The then and now pictures are great you have grown up to be a beautiful Golden girl(your Mom hasn't changed a bit, she has always been very pretty)
If you ever get to the Chicago area, we have all the Air Bud movies, they are Hamish & Sophie's favorite (but they are not very athletic, don't tell them we said that).
We are so proud that you are helping your Mom so much, Hamish & Sophie say keep smiling.

Anonymous said...

it was so wonderful to see you again!!!
You have grown into such a beautiful young lady now! And I was totally impressed by all the things you had learned since I last saw you as a puppy :)
I can't wait to see you again someday, maybe next year ....same time, same place :)
lots of love
(from the Hampton)

Logan said...

Thanks Justine! We will definitely see you again next year for the film festival if not sooner. The Hampton Inn in Waterville is one of our favorite places to stay!