Monday, August 6, 2007

This and That

Suzan was looking at some photos she downloaded off of her camera and realized that we didn't tell you about some of our recent adventures.

Most recently, like this past Saturday, we volunteered at the My Wonderful Dog table at the MS Bike Ride event. It was fun and I got to see my foster family again! I get all happy and wiggly at first whenever I see them! Suzan said to be sure to send a big thank you out to all the folks who rode in the scorching heat to help find a cure for MS. THANK YOU!

Last week, I went to see a musical, La Cage aux Folles at the Ogunquit Playhouse. Suzan won the tickets on the radio by translating a French phrase. I think people were really surprised to see me there but I was on my best behavior as usual. I curled up under Suzan & Jon's seats and mostly took a nap. It was hard to do at times though because everybody kept laughing. Don't know what's so funny about a birdcage!

And a few weekends before that we joined the My Wonderful Dog puppy raisers and service dogs in training at their monthly outing. I told everyone that it's great being a service dog and they will love it if they graduate and get to help their special person. I also told them it's OK if they don't because not every dog is cut out to be a service dog. Being a well behaved pet dog is a special job too! Here I am practicing my "down stay" while Nils steps over me. Nils is my foster family's new service dog in training, he is a tall boy! Good luck Nils!


OlRedHair said...


You guys have really been out and about. We love hearing about all the adventures you are having with Susan. You are obviously doing a great job, and are doing so many interesting things. It sounds as though you and Susan are a perfect match. We love the pictures. You both look so happy, and you can really see how you guys have become a solid team.

Molly and Nora

Bob said...

Hi Logan, Hamish & Sophie here, we have been checking your blog all the time to see how things are going.
Boy do you get to go to some cool places and see some real neat things.
Our Mom & Dad say they can't wait to meet you a Goldstock, we would like to come but sometimes some things just don't happen.
But we stay at a real neat place, the rooms have got flowers in flower boxes by the windows and we both stay together.
Everybody knows us and we get special treatment (but don't tell anyone).
Mom & Dad say Hi to you and your Mom & Dad, keep up the good work it sure looks like you love your job and your Mom & Dad.

Logan said...

Thanks Molly, Hamish & Sophie,
We are having fun and I love my job. Just today Suzan dropped the tiny stylus from her Palm organizer and she wasn't sure if I could get it as we haven't practiced that one yet. Piece of cake!

Hamish & Sophie, it sounds like you'll be staying at a swanky resort while your folks are at Goldstock. Maybe one day we'll get to visit you in Illinois!


OlRedHair said...

Way to go Logan! If you can pick up a coin, we were sure the palm stylus would be easy as pie for the clever girl you are. We are so proud of you and love hearing all about yours and Suzan's life together and all the fun things you guys do.

Molly and Nora
Wesley the Cat

Anonymous said...

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