Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"I ain't afraid of no pigs!"

OK, even as a dog I know that isn't proper English but it's a play on the Ghostbuster's phrase. Of course Ghostbusters was way before my time but Suzan told me all about it.

As as service dog you never know what you'll encounter out in public. We recently went to check out a newly opened Famous Dave's BBQ restaurant. We pull into the parking lot and I see this strange, huge pink THING walking around. "Danger, danger" I try to tell Suzan but she's shocked that I'm vocalizing. I NEVER do that in public. But how many times do you see huge pink creatures walking around?

The next thing I know she's walking over to the pink thing, can you believe it? She's CRAZY! I'm not too sure about this but she keeps giving me treats so I'm starting to think this pink thing isn't so bad. See pink thing, get treats. Closer to pink thing, more treats. Pink thing touches me, tons of treats. Suzan says this is called counter conditioning in the dog training world. Hmmm. I'm starting to like this pink thing. Find out his name is Wilbur. Wilbur is now my friend.

Good thing, because the next time we see Wilbur he is walking around inside the restaurant. I am in a down stay under the table like a good service dog. I see Wilbur, I look at Suzan for a treat. She smiles.
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Speak(er) said...

Good dog, Logan! Just tell Suzan you were speaking Pig Latin.

Terry said...

Logan you are the smartest girl around. See pig - get treats - you learn very quickly. Brains and beauty. You have a very lucky mom to have such an amazing girl like you at her side.

Bob said...

Logan; Just saw your story, maybe you can give Wilbur your address and he can pop in from time to time, Ya know "see Wilbur get treats".....lol

Carolyn said...

Logan, how on earth did you maintain a down-stay with all that fabulous bbq on the table above you? You truly are an amazing pooch!

OlRedHair said...


You are such a smart girl!

Logan said...

Pig Latin, yah, that's it!!

Bob, I have a better idea. I heard that they have lots of Wilbur like creatures at a place called Disneyworld. I'm trying to get Suzan to take me there!