Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Job for a Service Dog

Because service dogs are so well trained and behaved, we are sometimes asked to do other jobs. I've had a couple of different ones in the past few months. Here I am taking a break from my most recent "job", can you guess what it is? No, it's not some strange tracking device or alien communications system. I was the doggie cam operator last night at the FetchDog anniversary celebration! It was lots of fun and they had a live feed going to a big screen for the dog-umentary.

The evening was a howling success with lots of people and their dogs including FetchDog co-founders actress Glenn Close and her husband David Shaw. Their two terrier mix cuties are Jake and Bill. They were the first doggie guests to greet me at the party and were very well behaved. They have a job too, they help their mom write the Lively Licks blog for FetchDog!

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Rich said...

Very cool... Love the "Dog Cam"...

Bob said...

Logan's resume just keeps expanding....Way to go Logan

Anonymous said...

How exciting for you Logan!!!!
I that Glenn Close loves doggies so much, it must have been a real treat to meet them :)

Nex thing you know, you'll be a famous filmmaker!

Justine & Goosey

ServiceDog said...

What a great idea! Is the video posted somewhere?

Logan said...

ServiceDog, we're trying to get our paws on the footage but I'm not sure if it was saved. Will post it here if it was!