Tuesday, August 12, 2008

All Work and No Play?

Not for me! Most service dogs I know get a lot of off duty and play time and I'm no exception. From a good game of fetch in the backyard to a romp at the beach, it's important to balance work and fun. One of my favorite off duty things to do is roll! On the grass! On the sand! In the sun! Roll, roll, roll!

The folks at Planet Dog chose this photo of me rolling in the sand as this month's Canine Moment, check it out at http://www.planetdog.com/. Submit a photo of your best buddy and they could be featured as a Canine Moment and win a $200 shopping spree!

I LOVE Planet Dog, their Orbee balls are the best and a portion of every purchase goes to the Planet Dog Foundation which celebrates working dogs that serve and support their best friends, like me. Thank you Planet Dog!


Aunt Sheila and Uncle Bob said...

Hamish & Sophie say way to go, you rock!!!!!.We can't wait to see you and your Mom & Dad, 2 weeks from tomorrow

Katrin said...

Logan you love to break dance too?! James says it's the best way to get some sillies out :-)

Shannon said...

Logan, you are a beauty! : )

Logan said...

James, maybe you and I can breakdance together some day! Did you know that I'm partial to chocolate labs? :) Two of my service dog buddies are chocolate boys, Tom and Milo.