Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Earned My Wings!

I, Logan the Service Dog, took my first plane flight last weekend! The nice Continental Airline folks gave me my very own pair of wings which I wore proudly on my service dog vest.

Suzan said I was very lucky since service animals are allowed to ride in the cabin with their disabled partner. I got to sit at the front of the plane in the area they call the bulkhead. Now I have to admit that I was a tiny bit anxious at first with all the strange noises but once we took off I settled right in and fell asleep. And on the way back I was totally relaxed the whole time. This flying stuff isn't so bad!

Here I am studying the emergency evacuation card, I need to take good care of Suzan if anything should happen.


Marie said...


Congrats on your wings. Not many dogs have those so that makes you extra special. (not that you weren't already) I hope you went somewhere fun.

OlRedHair said...

Congratulations Logan! You are indeed a very good and a very brave girl.

Bob said...
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Auntie Sheila & Uncle Bob said...

Logan; Wow, that must have been exciting and your only 3, I was 52 before I flew and it was white knuckle time for me. If Auntie Sheila had not been there I don't know if I would have gone.
But it sure is great, now I am use to flying and I would rather travel that way then drive, it is much safer and you arrive much more relaxed. How do they treat a service dog like you at security? I hope they were nice and friendly. We hope sometime you can fly into Chicago, we would even meet you at the airport.
We are so proud of you and hope to hear more about you adventures.

Katrin said...

Hope you had fun on your 1st flight Logan! James thinks that squishing a retriever body in bulkhead is a pain too. Sometimes, if there is an empty seat beside us, he looks at it longingly, silently begging me to 'ok' him to get up there, but sorry pal, that's a no go. (I do bring a small fleece throw blanket for him to sleep on though, that floor can be chilly!)

Tell your mum that if you want dog room in bulkhead to try flying on Delta or Alaska Air. They don't seem to have that panel to the floor between coach bulkhead and 1st class as Continental, United and American do.

Logan said...

Thanks everyone! We only went to to NJ from Portland, Maine. Mom wanted my first flight to be a short one. Now that I'm experienced, I hope we can go to Chicago one day and visit Hamish and Sophie!

They treated me really nice at security. Mom practiced scanning me with the cordless phone at home so I would be used to the magic wand that they use. And then I got lots of yummies while they did it at the airport.

Thanks for the tips on airlines Katrin. Mom brought my fleecy blanket like you do for James so that I would feel comforable.


Anonymous said...

What a great experience for you!
I don't like flying but I have to do it every now and then. So if you ever fancy a long trip to England let me know *wink*

You must be very proud to have you wings..way to go!

I hope I will get to see you for the film festival again this year.

Justine (from the Hotel)

Logan said...

Thanks Justine! You'll definitely see me at the film festival again this year.

I was almost going to England this June for an assistance dog conference!


Jeni said...

Hi Logan!
Congrats on your wings.

Thanks for visiting my blog the other day and confirming my suspicions about the non-service dog I witnessed in a restaurant.

I enjoyed reading about your trip and I look forward to reading about more of your adventures!

Service Dog Sawyer said...

Hi Logan!
I am so jealous that you got to fly! I haven't done that yet, but it sounds like fun! Keep up the good work!
Your pal,
Service Dog Sawyer

Auntie Sheila and Uncle Bob said...

Hey Logan; This is a little late but we just caught up with your blog where you said that someday you might be able to fly into Chicago to visit Hamish & Sophie. Tell your Mom & Dad if they ever do come, we have an extra bedroom and we would also be able to pick you up at the airport.
If you do fly to Chicago some day you may want to try Midway airport, it is smaller than Ohare, and has less delays

Lisa and Ellie said...

Ellie is very jealous - we flew continental and she didn't get any wings.

Logan said...

Lisa, the next time Ellie flys ask them for wings. I think they're what they give the little kids.

Oh, and I did make it to Chicago to visit my buddies last fall!